środa, 7 marca 2012

I wasn't here a while..

Because my wife also works, I'm busy with raising our fourteen months old son when she is at work.. I have only four, five hours a day, for working in workshop.. I can't find time for regular blogging..
..but,  I've made some progress on few bikes..
I still working on shadows, and I did almost all sheet metal works on Fazer..
I started making gas tank for Jawa. Still stays lot to do, because I have a lot of ideas..
..and of course a lot of invisible work.. I mean, those things which are needed to be done, but actually will not be seen..
..so, until next time..

wtorek, 31 stycznia 2012


Jawa progress.. engine in..

and.. I had a few phone calls asking if I have some tanks for sale.. so I decided to build a few.. first one, not finished yet.

piątek, 27 stycznia 2012

Once again

I think, you've seen this bike before on my blog.

I built it 7 or 8 years ago. Now the owner has decided to rebuild it. Actually, I think, only the frame will be unchanged. Almost everything else I want to change. We'll see..

From hell..

Not exactly my story, but this bike caught my eye.. Ducati Diavel. Nice.

środa, 25 stycznia 2012


Ciągle czekają na swoich nowych właścicieli:

XJ 700 Maxim - 88 rok, 5500 pln
więcej info:
więcej zdjęć do obejrzenia na Allegro:

VT 500 Shadow - 83 rok, 5300 pln
więcej info:
więcej zdjęć do obejrzenia na Allegro:

wtorek, 24 stycznia 2012

Jawa 350

I made frame.. basic part. Few struts and engine mounts left to do.. I think it starts to look good.;)

now.. sip of inspiration..

and done! ;))

hardtails rules!: )

Shadow 1100

still some work to do..

CB 500

..small overview.. checking cam chain, cam shaft, valves, etc..

Shadow 700

still working on it..

niedziela, 8 stycznia 2012


Last few days I worked mostly on my car. I had to fix charging system, change fluids, belts and so on.
In the meantime I made struts for Shadow 700, and worked on my Jawa project. I cut the old frame, that I made lot years ago. Thinking of using only hardtail. Rest I made once again, because I want it bigger than it is.

Until next time... Lisu.